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Drop n Shop

Monkey Mania’s Drop ‘n Shop service is available for parents who want to drop their children off while they shop. Parents can leave children in the care of Monkey Mania for up to three hours whilst they shop and are asked to remain on the Shopping Centre Premises. This service is available for children 5 and older, who are toilet trained and are capable of going to the toilet alone. The Drop ’n Shop service costs $25 and includes unlimited play even after the parents return. The children are required to wear a Monkey Mania vest whilst in Monkey Mania’s care.

Parents will be required to show their drivers license when they drop their child off and will again be required to show their drivers license to pick the child up. The same person dropping off the child MUST be the person that picks the child up. An additonal $25 fee is payable if the child is not picked up within the three hour time period. If the child is not picked up within three and a half hours Monkey Mania reserves the right to contact the relevant authorities.